Transfer of License

Before you start thinking about transferring a license, please notice, that a single user license of our software products (referenced as The Software) is only allowed to be installed on one physical computer (PC), a 25 user license can be installed on up to 25 physical computers in the same physical company/entity address, and so on.

A license of The Software can not be transferred and/or sold to an other company/entity/person than the one, that is registered as the legal buyer.

If you need to transfer a license from one to an other physical computer in the same physical company/entity address, you need to deactive the license first. That you can do by:

1. On the computer, from where you need to deactivate The Software, run The Software with elevated rights (Run as Administrator).

2. When the User Interface opens, you will see an "Admin" menu in the top menu bar. Open "Admin" -> "Deactivate License" and you will be able to deactivate the license from there.

Notice, that when deactivating the license, The Software installation will return to an Evaluation Version, continuing from the evaluation period you left before licensing the installation (if applicable).