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When you chose Bendani Software, you get Very Fast ROI, products designed for simplicity, and Superior Service

We provide:

  • High Quality Software for Microsoft SQL Server:
    Data Migration, Copying, Searching and Upgrading Tools

    SQL Server Backup and Restore Tools
    Automatic SQL Server Deployment and Syncronisation
  • Software for Website and MySQL Backup and Restore
  • Software for Remote Management and much, much more….
Software designed with the user in mind

Designed for the User

Our software is build for simplicity, with the user and usability in mind. That means easy management, easy to use interfaces, leading to a very fast ROI.

Very fast ROI - Bendani Software

Very fast ROI

Your investments will pay off very fast, due to the simple and usable, yet very powerful software solutions, which also are very reasonable priced.

Superiour Support at Bendani Software

Superiour Support

At Bendani Software, we try our very best to have the customer in focus. You will experience great support from us, both pre-sale, during test and post-sale.

Software for Data Management and Security from Bendani Software

Data Management Software

We provide top class data management and data security software. With us, your SQL Server data is always secure and highly avaliable

Software for IT Management for Bendani Software

IT Management Software

Save Time and Money when you’re using our fast, easy to use software for your daily IT Management needs.

Bendani Software - Try for Free 30 Days

Try Free for 30 Days!

Try our software free for 30 days before you decide to buy. It is fully functional, no adware or nags, it is actually the full product.

Check out our products

Bendani Data Migrator

Bendani Data Migrator – The Flexible Data Converter

Migrate and scale your database with all the data and indexes, foreign keys effortlessly, without breaking your existing database.

Buy Now, try for Free or Read More about Bendani Data Migrator here…

Bendani Super dbSearch for Microsoft SQL Server

Bendani Super dbSearch for MS SQL

Instantly search through your Microsoft SQL Databases, fast and hasslefree.

Buy Now, try for Free or Read More about Bendani Super dbSearch here…

Bendani Remote Manager

Bendani Remote Manager – Multiple Remote Desktops

Remote Manager is a valuable tool for managing RDP sessions on a computer.

Buy Now, Try for Free or Read More about Bendani Remote Manager here…

Bendani Website Backup

Bendani Website Backup – Complete backup solution for your websites

Bendani Website Backup will cover all of your needs as there are no limits to how many sites or databases you can backup.

Buy Now, Try for Free or Read More about Bendani Website Backup here…

This is us

software solutions that will not give headache

Bendani Software is a leading provider of Enterprise Software Solutions that will relieve you of your headaches and put you at ease through our transformative solutions.

we created the best enterprise software solutions at bendani software

Enterprise solutions normally come in segments, with a supplier for data management, and another for data security, maybe even a third for backup solutions. Each of the providers has their own idea of how their programs should work, and this generates a confusing interface, version compatibility issues and often a lack of communication between software from different suppliers.

bendani provide the best software solutions with fast roi

So we set out to solve this, and have created our range of solutions which follow the same layout and style of being easy to use and working smoothly thus freeing up your time. This also cuts down on the learning curve as each product will be familiar, and our easy to use interface makes it easier faster and more enjoyable. Even on those repetitive jobs that always creep into your workflow.

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