About Bendani Software.

Bendani Software was founded in 2014 by industry users for industry users, and through our deep knowledge of the issues which users faces everyday, we set forth to provide you with solutions that just simply work.

Dan Nielsen, Bendani Software

Bendani Software is started and still owned by Dan Nielsen, you can follow him on LinkedIn here: 

Enterprise solutions normally come in segments, with a supplier for data management, and another for data security, maybe even a third for backup solutions. Each of the providers has their own idea of how their programs should work, and this generates a confusing interface, version compatibility issues and often a lack of communication between software from different suppliers.

So we set out to solve this, and have created our range of solutions which follow the same layout and style of being easy to use and working smoothly thus freeing up your time. This also cuts down on the learning curve as each product will be familiar, and our easy to use interface makes it easier faster and more enjoyable. Even on those repetitive jobs that always creep into your workflow.

Company Mission.

At Bendani Software, we will create happy employees and customers, and to continue to develop, sell and suppor user-friendly and powerful enterprise software that will help customers every day.

Company Vision.

The company's vision is to be among the market leaders in enterprise software solutions, data security software, it management software and backup solutions.


Bendani Software   -   Overgade 56   -   DK-5492 Vissenbjerg   -   Denmark
Phone (+45) 60 76 33 00
Email sales:    sales@bendani.com
Email support:    support@bendani.com
Email info about products:    info@bendani.com


Privacy Policy.

What data is collected?

We collect two types of information about you when you visit our web sites. One is the informations you give us, when you order software, asking for information and support, and signing up for newsletter. Second, we collect anonymous informations about a visitors behaviour on the website, so we can continue to improve the user experience.

Informations, you give us.

We store information like your name, address, phone number, email address and any analytical data we are asking you. This information is stored together with information on what you order. When you download trial versions of our software, we store your email address along with information about the software, you have been downloading.


When you choose to pay with a credit card, we ask you to provide the cardholder's name, card number, expiration date, and any check digits. Your information is not with us, but in encrypted form on secure servers at Stripe, PayPal and / or Alipay as our external partners. All communication about your payment is done under an SSL certificate as a citizen for your safety. It is safe to pay with a credit card at Bendani Software's web page.

Email address.

We will not use your email address for sending newsletters, promotions and the like, without your consent, and we pass or sell your information and / or email address to 3rd parties.


If you are interested in hearing from us regularly, you have the option to subscribe to our newsletter. In order to send it to you, we ask you for your email address. The newsletter is once every month, and contains information about news, software updates and the like. You can always unsubscribe whenever you may wish.

Who uses this information?

It is only our own staff using the information inherent in our systems and only to perform the tasks described. This means that typically staff in support, marketing, newsletter broadcasting and the like will use the informations.


If you have any questions or objections about the above, or want to be deleted from our systems, please send an email to us at: info@bendani.com


European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Bendani Software comply with GDPRWe are excited to announce that we comply with the enforced European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

So, why are we sharing this with you?

If you provide software that engages European users, the GDPR regulations will require that you keep your European customers’ data protected, per the standards set in GDPR. Even if you don’t have an office or other presence in Europe, this still applies.

The GDPR will apply in all EU member states starting May 25, 2018. It was formalized on May 25, 2016, after all parts of the EU agreed to the final text. But the law will apply to all businesses and organizations on May 25, 2018.

All companies that transfer personal data with EU residents will need to comply with the GDPR. The regulations outline controllers and processors of data. A data controller states how and why personal data is processed, while a processor is the party doing the actual processing of the data. Even if controllers and processors are based outside the EU, the GDPR will still apply to them so long as they are dealing with personal data belonging to EU residents.

Bendani Software has put in place processes and procedures to comply with the various provisions of GDPR – data protection addendum, data deletion, data retention, and Pseudonymation / anonymization.

At Bendani Software, we are Green.

At Bendani Software, we work Environment Friendly

We work Environment Friendly and are CO2 Neutral. We use Wind Power Electricity, we use Refurbished Computers and Servers, we use Recycled Paper and we Recycle all our Stationaries. We always turn off anything, which is not in use, and we use only LED Lights.

Plus, all our Food and Drink are all Organic.