News about the New Licensing

Great News.

The new Licensing Procedure for our software products has been added to all the new versions, and to our website.

Please Notice: All the "old" licensed products will not be affected.

New licensing procedure coming

We have (again) listened to our customers, and are working out a brand new licensing procedure that makes it much easier to license our products, also offline.
It will be announced in early August, along with the new versions of our applications.
No users of the previous licensing procedure are affected by this and they should not do anything.

New Product: Bendani Remote Manager

We are very proud to present a completely new product, Bendani Remote Manager 2017.1
Tired of manually managing all of your Remote Desktop connections? Then Remote Manager is for you. You can fast and easy manage multiple connections, and open unlimited RDPs in one window.

Read much more here, and get started already today:

Bendani Remote Manager 2018