Bendani Website Backup – Complete Backup Solution for Your Websites

Bendani Website Backup

Current Version: 2019
Language: English
Price from US$ 49.00

Your Website can disapper, a hacker can take control or other things can happen

The situation where your site is broken down and there is no recovery option is the worst thing that can happen. “It never happens to me” or “I’ll do it in the morning” is probably something you have done or know someone that did, only to learn the pain and agony that is connected with not having a backup. But it can happen, and it does once in a while.


Bendani WebSite Backup solution is just right for you, there is no limit to how many sites or databases, it is simply one for all - all for one.

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What if…..

Your website disappeared ?
You had to create everything from scratch again ?
Your site will be down for days or weeks ?

What would this have of consequences? Can you afford to lose that business?

With Bendani Website Backup you are rest assured that this will not happen, Bendani Website Backup works out of the box, simple easy and forever.

Unlimited backups of unlimited sites

Bendani Website Backup will cover all of your needs as there are no limits to how many sites or databases you can backup. So if you have one site or hundreds of sites and databases, we’ve got it covered.

The unique Bendani Website Backup was created by the industry for the industry, as we all have been in the situation where we missed a backup, either because our present backup solution was limited, or we simply didn’t get a backup of all the sections needed to restore the site back to it’s former glory.

After hours of recreating sites, rummaging through old backups, trying to piece it all together fuelled by buckets of coffee, we decided that it was time for a change. We wanted to make it better, to help others to not be in the stressful position with a broken site or multiple broken sites, that's why we created Bendani Website Backup Solution. Covering your backup needs from a single site to hundreds if not thousands of sites, all inline with our intuitive, easy to use interface, making your backups a breeze.

Try Bendani Website Backup Now   Buy Bendani Website Backup Now

Bendani Website Backup is Compatible with (*):

Backup WordPress


Backup Galleries


Backup nopCommerce


Backup osCommerce


Backup Ruby



Backup Joomla


Baclup Perl


Easy Digital Downloads

Backup Drupal


Backup HTML


MySQL Logo


Backup Umbraco


Backup PHP


Backup Typo3


Backup .Net

Dot Net

(*) and much, much more.


You get a discount when you buy multiple licenses. The more licenses you buy, the bigger discount.

LicensesPrice per license
1 - 4 User LicensesUS$ 179.00
5 - 9 User LicensesUS$ 152.15 (15% discount)
10 + User LicensesUS$ 134.25 (25% discount)
Site LicenseUS$ 5499.00
Personal Non-Company LicenseUS$ 49.00

The price per license is in US$ and are subject to VAT / Sales Tax.
The discounts will be calculated automatically at check-out.


A PC with minimum:

  • 1 GB Ram (4 GB recommended)
  • Minimum 500 GB free harddisk space


  • Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1, Windows 10, Server 2008 R2, Server 2012, Server 2012 R2 and Server 2016
    Please notice: Windows RT is not supported.