Bendani Remote Manager
Easily manage multiple Remote Desktop Connections

Do you manage Remote Desktop Connections?

Maybe even Multiple Remote Desktop Connections. Are you also tired and frustrated about how hard it can be to keep track of all of them? Which ones are open, which are not, and what Remote Desktop Connection belongs to which Server?

Bendani Remote Manager to the rescue!

With Bendani Remote Manager, you can easily configure and manage multiple, yes even endless, Microsoft Remote Desktop Connections.

Bendani Remote Manager give you much better use, configuration and management of multiple Remote Data Sessions.

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Current Version: 2022
Language: English
Price from US$ 49.00

Remote Manager is a valuable tool for managing RDP sessions on a computer.  Administrators who manage multiple servers with Remote Desktop, can build much more efficient connections and control with Bendani Remote Manager.

Home Users who control multiple computers in the family-setup can easily do this through Bendani Remote Manager too, instead of all the hassle with multiple RDP connections, in multiple windows. Here you can do it all in one single Window, making it much easier.

All the connections you manage in this tool can be centrally configured and showed in a single Window, accessed, and working with the open sessions, all at the same time. Above all, if you connect to multiple servers at the same time, you can easily switch between the various connections with Bendani Remote Manager and even exchange data via the clipboard.

With Bendani Remote Manager, you can also easily control the settings and preferences of each Remote Desktop Session, use the default settings for your Connections, or manually edit them as you wish. All the control is at your fingertips.


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Try Bendani Remote Manager for Free Now   Buy Bendani Remote Manager Now

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License Prices:

You get a discount when you buy multiple licenses. The more licenses you buy, the bigger discount.

LicensesPrice per license
1 - 4 User LicensesUS$ 179.00
5 - 9 User LicensesUS$ 152.15 (15% discount)
10 + User LicensesUS$ 134.25 (25% discount)
Site LicenseUS$ 5499.00
Personal Non-Company LicenseUS$ 49.00

The price per license is in US$ and are subject to VAT / Sales Tax.
The discounts will be calculated automatically at check-out.


Operating SystemDisk SpaceMemoryCPU

● Windows 10, 11 Pro and Enterprise
● Windows Server 2016, 2019 and 2022 (Standard and Datacenter)
Minimum 500 MB free Harddisk / SSD space4 GB Ram, 8+ GB is preferred. Please notice, that Windows Server installations in most cases requires more RamAt least 1 GHz X86 or compatible CPU